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If you are looking for something special,  but care about how products are sourced and how workers are treated - you have come to the right place!  Taraluna offers only ethical, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, organic, upcycled, Fair Trade and/or American Made products.

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The purse arrived yesterday.....I absolutely love it! I've already shown it to several people this morning who also think it's great, told them about the outstanding customer service you provided, and will be sending them the link to your web site. Thanks again!

Denise, Athens, Illinois

You are obviously one of the rare companies today that treasure their customers.

(After helping a customer with an item damaged during shipping.)

John & Debby, Baltimore, MD

Thanks for checking back about the address...some companies may have let that one go by. Appreciate your attention to detail!

Robin, Marriottsville, MD