Beautiful Embroidered Kuchi Shoulder Bag

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This is such a stunning bag, it will certainly turn heads! The mixed media embroidery combines sequins, mirrors and fine needle work embroidery. The shoulder bag measures approximately 12” by 13” not including the strap which is wide and comfortable on the shoulder. The interior is soft cotton with a divided pocket – one side perfect for cell phone, the other for a coin purse or other small items. The bag has a zipper closure. Each bag is an individual work of art, no two are exactly alike. Colors and patterns vary, all are beautiful! Fair Trade and Handmade in India.

Fair Trade Artisans: Artisans' Efforts: Artisans Effort was formed in 2003, as a cooperative of Indian Artisans in West Bengal. Many of the artisans are single or widowed women who had worked in the commercial Indian textile industry, but left because the wages and working conditions were deplorable. Artisans Effort cooperative structure gives each artisan a voice in how the organization is run and an equal share in the income generated by their work.