Soft Alpaca Beanie & Glove Set with Icelandic Design

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Now you can wear the classic sweater prints on your head and hands too. Icelandic hats and gloves capture the traditional charm of winter sweaters, yet look like chic head turbans when worn. Add pops of color (and print) to your basic winter wardrobes plus, bad hair day problems are solved instantly and these fingerless gloves allow full use of your devices while keeping your hands toasty warm. These sets are incredibly functional too. Made with alpaca, these accessories are super soft and warm, lightweight and hypo-allergenic too. These are lightweight, perfect for fall and mild winter days.

Alpaca is considered one of the world’s most valuable natural fibers. Smooth as silk and cashmere, this light fabric also has a naturally insulating core that adequately warms up the body without weighing it down. It was once reserved for Incan Royalty. A natural, hypoallergenic & sustainable material coming from the yearly shear of the eco-friendly Alpaca. The spun fibers are artisanally loomed into lustrous garments. Eco-friendly packaging whenever possible, including biodegradable bags. These products are made using Fair Trade Principles, Shupaca works directly with artisans to produce these lovely products. Not only are they fairly compensated, they are paid directly without other companies or political figures taking a piece of the pie that isn’t theirs. They are in the final stages of certification from the Fair Trade Federation which shows their compliance with Fair Trade, Green and Ethical Business Standards.