Praying Diwata Angel

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Gorgeous fiber diwata (a spirit or deity in Philippines mythology) is made from natural hand-formed and woven abaca fibers and dyed raffia leaves, which are crocheted by hand to create the beautiful scallop pattern of the teal dress. Dress is adhered to cardboard form to retain shape and support. Stands or may be used as tree topper. 12"h x 7"w x 4 1/4"d. Hand Made, Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Artisans: Philippines: The Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is one of the oldest fair-trade organizations in the Philippines. Since 1973, CCAP has been marketing handcrafts for marginalized Filipino artisans through trading relationships built on partnership. CCAP uses a strategy they call 'development marketing", which promotes community development by creating employment and livelihood opportunities for craftspeople by marketing their work. The organization assists community-based enterprises to become effectively organized and self-reliant by providing them with training programs, organizational development, and markets for their products. CCAP artisans use locally available natural fibers like bamboo, rattan, coconut, and other vines and grasses to weave their quality products.