8 Inch Mini Djembe Drum

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This is one sweet little Djembe drum! Yes, it is small at only 8" high, but it looks and plays like the real thing, just smaller! Small djembe style drum to play with your fingers. Great for kids! 8" tall. Fair Trade and Handcrafted in Indonesia.  Styles may vary.  Handcrafted product, naturally occurring inconsistencies may be present.  Lovely gift.


Fair Trade Artisans: Indonesia The djembe is a hand drum, which means NO STICKS! Be careful not to puncture the real goat skin. When learning to play the djembe there are 3 main sounds: Base, Tone and Slap. By lightly bouncing your palm in the middle you get base, towards the edge the fingers of your open hand can strike the skin to make the higher pitched "tone" sound. A quick, well placed tap, similar to the tone strike will make the sharp "slap" sound - the hardest to make, but you will know it when you hear it. The important thing is to have fun so experiment and find what sounds best to you.