Colorful Finger Puppets

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These finger puppets are so cute, lots of whimsical creatures and animals in bright colors.  Another way to use the imagination, have a finger puppet show!  Adorable add on to your order, stocking stuffer, or small gift.  Fair Trade, Made in Perú.  One per order, let us choose for you!


Our finger puppets are a creative modern adaptation of the knitting tradition of the indigenous Chucuito Indian community of Perú.  Members of the Chucuito community knit warm clothing and whimsical toys for their families, with yarn spun from alpaca and sheep wool. The art of knitting is learned by both boys and girls when young. While both male and female of the community take the needles in hand, each has their own specialty. Men create their traditional festive attire, and women carry on the tradition of knitting finger puppets.  The quality, detail and creativity of each finger puppet reflect the joy of the Chucuito women in their art, and bring delight to all the young at heart!