Extra Large Recycled Rubber Tire Flap Purse or Messenger Bag

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Now this is one cool way to recycle something that would take thousands if not millions of years to break down in a landfill - a fashionable recycled tire shoulder bag, too cool! Extra roomy for a laptop, books...whatever. Bag has contrasting white stitching, divider, one zippered pocket and heavy duty canvas strap. This bag is made from recycled rubber tires and canvas - but for our vegan friends please note that the clasp on this bag is made from "no kill" leather. Here is a little more information regarding ethical leather: Because these leather products are made in Nepal where cows are sacred, they do not kill the animals, but take the leather from animals that have died naturally. The tanning process is chemical free, where the leather is soaked in a lime bath to soften the material. Measures approximately 15"x 12". Fair Trade.  **Please note: the bags we have in stock are "rustic" so look worn, and ... like tires!