Fire Burned Double Sided Gourd Drum 6"

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This drum may be small but it is a beauty! This is a very popular drum, with goat hide on two sides stretched over a fire-burned gourd makes it beautiful - but it sounds good, too! Width is about 6” and it comes with one stick. Fair Trade and Hand Made - Peru.

How to Play: Don’t let the small size of this drum fool you, the lamb skin head on these drums is pulled tight and the sound can really pop! Hold the drum in one hand, use the stick to strike the middle and the side. Adults can place one thumb on & off the head as you play. ‘Choking’ the drum offers a distinctive muffled sound, or explore without the stick like the young ones do. Tap-tap-tap and scratch-scratch. Play a beat and then repeat and have a wonderful time making music. **Please note: sizes vary, handcrafted from gourds, no two exactly alike. Fair Trade. Makes a great gift!


Fair Trade Artisans: Peru. In rural Peru, many villages excel at one distinct craft – high in the mountains east of Lima the villages of Cochas Chico & Grande are best known for decorating gourds by carving and then burning the surface. The art form predates painting and pottery – it is ancient. The carving requies a very sharp pointed knife and steady hands. The burning of light, dark, brown and black accents the carving and transforms the work into high art. The drum builders and gourd decorators are from neighboring villages so they must work together to create these beautiful instruments. As beautiful looking as they sound!