Hand Painted Cat and Mouse Ring Holders

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It doesn't get much cuter than this pair! Adorable hand-painted and carved wood cat and mouse make a colorful addition to counter or dresser, and can hold multiple rings on their tails. Don't have any rings?  That's okay, this cute set is fun for the collector too.  Cat: 4 3/4"h, mouse: 3"h

In many parts of Indonesia, rural families have increasingly had to migrate to find work to support their families. Pekerti, the Indonesian People's Handicraft Foundation Marketing Service, has been working since 1975 to preserve traditional Indonesian handcrafts skills and to promote income-generating projects among the rural, enabling them to remain in their villages with their families. They have had programs that provide heath care, school scholarships, and loans. They encourage the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources and provide information and projects on conservation. Serrv has worked with Pekerti since 1984, purchasing products like jewelry, musical instruments, baskets and birdhouses from natural fibers, and a variety of wood products.