Handcrafted Carpet Shop in Kathmandu Card Set of 8

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Colorful handmade paper cards depicting a carpet shop and weavers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Cards measure 4.5" x 6" with envelopes included. Carpet shop in Kathmandu, card set of 8 with envelopes.  Fair Trade, Handcrafted Paper.

Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal: BCP. The BCP works with low income rural and urban families to provide long term job opportunities that pay a fair and equitable wage. They work to strengthen the important traditional craft of paper making and create environmentally sustainable products. BCP purchases all of their paper from one remote rural area of Nepal providing a constant income for a rural based product. They are committed to community development and invest a substantial percentage of their profits in community-based projects including water supply, sanitation, resource conservation, education and daycare facilities.