Handcrafted Wooden Tower Game

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Ideal for parties or rainy days indoors, this game is played by stacking wood blocks 3 x 3 to form a tower, then removing blocks one by one until the tower falls. Why not start a family fun night and put away devices and unplug with a fun family game? Neatly packs and stores in accompany wood box. Instructions included. box: 3 1/4in. h x 8 1/4in. w x 3in. d Not intended for small children under 5 years old due to small parts which may cause choking hazard.


Fair Trade Artisans: India: Tara Projects. They provide support in the production and marketing of handcrafts based on fair trade principles while also addressing community development needs of grassroots craftspeople. With revenues generated by the sales of handcrafts, Tara Projects funds a number of community development projects, such as health programs, non-formal schools, training centers, and adult literacy programs which are impacting the lives of hundreds of children and adults, and helping children to stay in school. Their commitment to the environment includes reforestation projects and most recently rainwater harvesting projects to address the extreme demand for water in many regions of India. Tara has become a leading voice in the movement opposing the use of child labor in India and has spearheaded campaigns against child labor, illiteracy, and unfair trade practices.