Jumbo Knitagens: Friendly Fantasy Stuffed Animals and Monsters - Handcrafted in the USA

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Knitagains, are plush animals, aliens and monsters made from recycled sweaters and other knit fabrics to create a folk art doll.  Knitagains come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Jumbo Knitagains are the largest with approx. 9" - 12" long bodies, two-ply ears and limbs and a large belly embellishment. Each Jumbo Knitagain is constructed from 8 to 9 different recycled sweaters and t-shirts. They are not weighted and have a nice fluffy, pillow-like shape. All Knitagains are hand made using clean, second-hand knit material and brand new poly fiberfill stuffing. Embellishments include embroidery, appliqué, buttons, and beads. Faces are felt, leather and embroidery floss. Each Knitagain is one-of-a-kind, constructed from found materials, so no two creatures are alike. We will pick one out for you and surprise you with a lovely handcrafted folk art doll, made right here in the USA! Knitagains are popular with people of all ages, but they are individual works of folk art and not intended for babies or small children for whom the materials might pose a hazard. One per order.