Mini Knitagens: Friendly Fantasy Stuffed Monsters - Handcrafted in the USA

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Knitagains, are plush animals, aliens and monsters made from recycled sweaters and other knit fabrics by a folk artist right here in the USA!  Mini Knitagains are small with (approx.) 5" - 7" tall bodies and single-ply ears, horns or hair. They have a belly embellishment but no limbs. Each Mini Knitagain is constructed from 3-4 different recycled sweaters and t-shirts. They are stuffed with poly fiberfill and weighted on their flat bottoms with poly pellets so that they sit up straight. The result is that they are soft and squeezy in the top 2/3rds of their body and have squishy bean bag butts on the bottom. All Knitagains are hand made using clean, second-hand knit material and brand new poly fiberfill stuffing. Embellishments include embroidery, applique, buttons, and beads. Faces are felt, leather and embroidery floss. Each Knitagain is one-of-a-kind, constructed from found materials, so no two creatures are alike. We cannot replicate exactly any specific item shown as an example, however, since they are all different we will choose an item we have in stock to ship to you, they may not be one of the items shown. Knitagains are popular with people of all ages, but they are individual works of folk art and not intended for babies or small children for whom the materials might pose a hazard. One per order.


Taraluna supports small, woman owned artists who create works of art here in the USA! Knitigans are one of a kind creations by folk artist Heidi Wineland. Heidi makes fun, friendly treasures from fabric scraps, buttons, beads and other recycled materials. Knitagains, are plush animals, aliens and monsters made from recycled sweaters and other knit fabrics. Heidi says: “I hope you will find something that inspires happiness and comfort in your life. Making them certainly brings joy to my home.” These fun and creative creatures are handcrafted right here in the USA! Each is an individual work of folk art using upcycled materials.