Mini Meditation Bowl Gift Box: 2" Purple Lotus

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Attractive gift box with hand-cast meditation bowl, cushion and striker makes a wonderful gift!  The pretty gift box is made with sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper on top of a recycled paper board. Inside the square box you'll find a cushion, striker and 2 inch diameter  bowl along with instruction for care and how to use the bowl for a simple meditation.

The hand-cast mini meditation bowl is made with a special four-metal alloy that produces a powerful harmonic resonance when rung.  Each bowl is hand tuned and has a unique sonic voice print.  The sonic bath of a meditation bowl is conducive to yoga, massage, body work and other restorative modalities.

A single tap to this little 2'' wonder brings forth a surprisingly powerful sound. A wonderful tool for mediators, teachers or anyone who is willing to take a moment to pause, breathe and relax. Instructions for a mini meditation are included.

The vining lotus hand-printed on the box represents the innate purity in all things. The meditation bowl is hand-cast and hand-tuned by skilled artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. The box is made with Himalayan lokta paper; a sustainably harvested, tree-free eco paper.



Fair Trade Artisans: dZi Inc. has been working with artisans in the Tibetan exile community in India since 1990, and with Nepali artisans involved in traditional Tibetan style crafts since 1995.