Organic New Born Gift Basket

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Gift this beautiful organic newborn basket to a new mom or keep it for your new little one. Comes with a long sleeve babybody, swaddle blanket, reversible hat, and a bib. Each basket is handmade and unique with organic palm tree leaves. NB-3 mo, available in baby blue.

Under the Nile products offer you an alternative to conventional apparel and toys. All the cotton is 100% ORGANIC, 100% Egyptian. The natural cotton assures you that absolutely no pesticides or chemicals have been used through the entire production process. These products were created because of concern about the pollutants that our children are exposed to, which includes the clothes they wear. These garments are safe, pesticide-free, comfortable and naturally dyed. The farm that grows our cotton and makes our apparel focuses on fair trade and provides a worldwide model community for organic agriculture along with a supportive work place. The fact that we use cotton grown in Egypt makes it even more extraordinary because of the extremely soft, gentle and durable features Egyptian cotton is known for.