Organic Wool Balls for Dogs & Cats - Made in the USA

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Do you love your pets and consider them family members? Then you are probably worried about all the recalls of pet food and toys. Most pet toys are made of plastic and/or made in China. If you are looking for something different and more natural for your dog or cat, these beautifully handcrafted organic wool balls which are Made in the USA are the perfect choice. Large Felt Ball for Dogs 2 1/2 inches in diameter.  Small Felt Balls are just under 2 inches. Perfect for toy sized dogs.  Cat balls are approx. 2 inches in diameter. Great to chase, carry, and pounce on.. even to sleep with!  Hand formed of pasture raised organic wool Cats and dogs love their natural texture and smell.

  • Hand formed with layers of organic wool- no plastics or fillers
  • Processed without harsh chemicals
  • Durable and bouncy solid ball with a slightly fuzzy surface
  • No squeaker
  • Natural wool will get fuzzy with play but can be renewed by washing 
  • Wool is gentle on your dog's teeth 
  • Wool is pasture raised on small Midwest family farms
  • Our wool balls smell of sheep and the great outdoors 
  • A favorite toy of many! 
  • Machine wash and dry.

Purrfect Play gets their organic wool from small family farms all over the U.S. It took many months of experimentation to develop a wool ball which is fun and durable but they did it. These wool balls are hand formed from sustainably produced dye-free wool which has only been processed with gentle non-toxic soaps. Wool balls smell of sheep and meadow air, reminding your pets of the great outdoors. Many cats are joyously attached to their wool balls. Just throw it in your regular wash. When it comes out wet roll in between your hands for a few minutes, machine or air dry. Our balls should last a long time, especially if they avoid the vacuum cleaner and the back of the refrigerator. Made in the USA.

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