Pretty Patchwork Door Wreath

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Pretty patchwork wreath is colorful and charming. This wreath can be hung for Christmas or all year round.  Recycled cotton saris in a colorful array of colors and prints are wrapped around a cotton-filled core, then finished with colorful embroidered mirrorwork (shisha) details. Hang on any door or wall.  15 3/4"dia x 2 3/4"d

Fair Trade Artisans: India: Sasha Craft Producers Sasha represents crafts producers from rural and semi-urban areas, mostly in eastern India, who benefit from health campaigns, improved working conditions, and stable incomes. Nearly 70% of the producers Sasha works with are women. Sasha's unique model of organizing groups into larger crafts consortiums means that groups specializing in different aspects of textiles, such as embroidery, printing, and tailoring, combine their skills to make unique products that are exported around the world and also sold in their own store in Kolkata.