Unisex Black Leather and Canvas Cross Body "Harley" Bag

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This small bag is perfect for travel and everyday on the go!  Black upcycled leather and canvas looks great and the bag is functional.  Flap snap front covers 2 pockets, one open (4"x4") and one zippered (3.75" x 3").  The bag is fully lined and has a center divider, which also sports a zippered pocket of it's own - (6.5" x 3").  There is a detachable leather strap or you can simply slip your belt through the belt loop on the back to go hands free!  Canvas center of bag is expandable.  Oh, yeah!

5.5" x 8" x 2-4"



From the producer:

Our 100% genuine leather products are thoughtfully engineered by a unique technique of hand patching. The technique of hand patching truly allows us say that no two items in our shop are the same.   Preserving nature should be the first priority on everyone’s agenda in today’s life. Without a healthy environment, most life would cease to exist. We are proud to make the movement of upcycling as our cornerstone and even prouder to be called an eco-friendly brand!

Our retro urban products are driven to provide creativity and quality. By using up-cycled material, our products may contain irregularities and disproportions which further are the main elements of our authentic products. This creative uniqueness is what truly separates us from other brands! Each item has a story of its own as no two are alike.