Zoo Animals in Hemp Drawstring Bag

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Give your child his or her own personal zoo without the hassle of feeding and cleaning! Set of 5 of our favorite animalitos, packaged in a hemp drawstring bag. Wonderful for animated and imaginative play, do the animals talk to each other or do they make animal sounds?  That is up to your child’s imagination!  Each set of 5 comes with an assortment colors and a variety of animals, all handcrafted in traditional Guatemalan fabric. Each animalito has a string attached for hanging as a decoration. Each bag is dressed up with a colorful animal adorning the bag.  Animals shown may not be the animals in your bag, but they are all adorable!

**Because string is attached for hanging, not suitable for small children.  Ages 3 and up please.


  • 7" W x 7"H
  • Made from 100% Hemp


  • 2"H x 3"L
  • 100% Cotton
  • Assorted Animals
  • Colors and Patterns will Vary
  • Set of 5 Animals