Mini Mitten Garland

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Fun and beautifully handcrafted Mini Mitten Garland (and matching mini mitten ornaments, sold separately). Would you like to decorate your home with beautifully handcrafted products that not only look great, but enrich the lives of women living in poverty in Nepal by providing a technical skill which can earn a fair wage for years to come? Women in Nepal hand dye and hand knit the wool for this festive garland which will beautify any home. Kumbeshwar Technical School provides free training in hand knitting to help marginalized women learn an income-generating skill. Includes 10 mittens, each in an different pattern. 45 in. l x 5 in. w. Please see our adorable matching Mini Mitten Ornament Set as well.

Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal: Kumbeshwar Technical School:In Nepal, a stratified caste-based Hindu society, social contact between people of different castes is the exception rather than the rule. In response to the poverty and class discrimination he saw in his neighborhood, the founder of Kumbeshwar Technical School built an orphanage, a primary school, and a technical school used to train future carpet weavers, knitters, and carpenters.