Our Mission


Taraluna offers alternative choices in products based on our values of fair compensation to artisans, promotion of healthy and safe working environments, social and environmental responsibility and safe, non-toxic products. We offer high quality, handcrafted products from nonprofits, cooperatives and NGO's that are approved by and members of the Fair Trade Federation, the Organic Trade Association, Demeter and The Fair Trade Resource Network. We carry products sourced in nature, organically grown or recycled wherever possible. We also believe in the principle of "Think Globally, Act Locally," and although many our products are globally sourced, we offer products made in the USA and more importantly - we support artisans at the local level and woman owned business and artisans.

Our mission is to:

  • Offer a fun shopping experience, proving once and for all that being a conscious consumer doesn't have to be dull or boring.

  • Provide safe, non-toxic, no recall toys and products that are safe for our customers, the planet and the workers who make them.

  • Serve our customers by providing unique, high-quality alternatives to mass production.

  • Bring fairly traded artisan products to the international marketplace, providing choice and access to our customers.

  • Help the artisans that create these exquisite products and their communities by:
    - Using Fair Trade companies that are members of the Fair Trade Federation  or that are in compliance with Fair Trade principles.
    -Providing healthy and safe working conditions within the local context.
    - Building long-term trade relationships.
    - Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices.
    - Providing equal employment opportunities for all people.
    - Demanding ethical labor practices.
    - Provide a market for products made in a traditional manner by artisans, preserving culture while advancing economic development.

  • Educate our customers about the benefits of purchasing fair trade, organic, hemp, recycled, ethical, handcrafted, socially responsible, and American made  products.

  • Educate our customers about artisans and their communities with respect for cultural differences and our common humanity.

  • Conduct all areas of business with the highest integrity.

  • Foster an atmosphere of respect, trust, support and openness to our customers, coworkers, suppliers and community.

  • Support local artisans by offering their goods and providing a venue to showcase their products.

  • Offer fair and reasonable prices to our customers.

  • Keep our work environment healthy while providing meaningful work, fostering creativity and personal growth.

  • Offer environmentally friendly and recycled packaging wherever possible.

  • Respect basic human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples.

  • Never use or buy products that employ animal testing.

  • Promote campaigns, causes and products that that mirror our values and beliefs.

  • As a business, recycling and conserving water and energy wherever possible.

  • Strive to set an example of how a responsible business can be run, by taking into account environmental and human needs in our business decisions.

  • Prove that a company with heart that is run in a socially and environmentally responsible manner can be successful, with the help and support of our customers and visitors!