Changing the World One Purchase at a Time

We have a saying here at Taraluna that we very much believe in - ”changing the world one purchase at a time.” We believe that you can change the world one purchase at a time by shopping wisely, buying fair trade, sweatshop free, American made, organic and natural.

Because Taraluna offers only products that are earth friendly, fair trade or American made you are supporting sustainable practices and socially responsible consumerism. We realize that a shopping experience won't change the world, but we know that every time we support a fair trade or eco-friendly business we contribute to the betterment of the world, one purchase at a time. When enough people choose to be conscious consumers, they combine their buying power to change the way business is done. We believe in "living consciously, buying wisely, and making a difference." If you have found your way to our little online boutique, you are probably already well educated about sweat shops, child labor and unsound environmental practices. Even so, we will offer information and education regarding these issues and hope that you will decide to sign up for our newsletter.

We are committed to offering products that are fairly traded, organic, natural or otherwise green. Products that are labeled organic use no chemical pesticides or other harmful chemicals in their production. We also offer products made with natural ingredients, or that are recycled or upcycled to keep those materials out of landfills and to live another life! We choose to offer healthy alternatives and many of our goods meet the combined standards of fair trade, organic, natural, hand made, American made and are altogether earth friendly and socially responsible.

How do we change the world? One step at a time, one bottle recycled, one orange peel composted, one load of laundry hung out to dry, one errand run on a bike, one pet spayed or neutered - or, one small purchase at a time!

Welcome to Taraluna, we appreciate your contribution to socially and environmentally sound consumerism. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.