Luxurious Hand-loomed Alpaca Pullover Shawl or Cape

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Luxurious, sophisticated, soft, warm and we love these gorgeous Alpaca hand-loomed shawls? You bet your bippy! Dress up for a night on the town yet stay warm and toasty - or, throw one over a pair of jeans - belt it and look great. You can't go wrong with these beautiful shawls, they make a great gift and will be treasured by the recipient! Hand-loomed Alpaca Shawls and wraps are a stylish and sophisticated way to layer for cool weather. Looking good and staying warm do not have to be mutually exclusive! Shawls are stylish, versatile cool weather accessories that instantly shield you from the cold without hampering your style. Our Alpaca shawls and wraps are light, soft, 100% hypo-allergenic and extremely warm and fashionable. These hand-loomed 80% Alpaca and 20% Acrylic fashion accessories with hand sewn European Stitched edging fit perfectly around the shoulders and keeps you toasty warm while looking great. Our Alpaca shawls and wraps are not only perfectly suited for the outdoors, but can also be worn indoors to compliment any outfit or to stay warm in a chilly office or home. A simple shawl can reflect a playful, professional, casual or contemporary look. It is your choice and your style. Cleaning and Care Directions: *Dry Cleaning is always a preferred option Hand washing Option: 1) Hand wash in mild detergent 2) Do not wring or twist 3) Lay flat to dry Maintaining your Alpaca Goods: Use a light iron/steamer to get out creases* Use a soft bristle brush to maintain* *Always work in the direction of the fiber.


Alpaca is considered one of the world’s most valuable natural fibers. Smooth as silk and cashmere, this light fabric also has a naturally insulating core that adequately warms up the body without weighing it down. It was once reserved for Incan Royalty. These products are made using Fair Trade Principles, Shupaca works directly with artisans to produce these lovely products. Not only are they fairly compensated, they are paid directly without other companies or political figures taking a piece of the pie that isn’t theirs. They are in the final stages of certification from the Fair Trade Federation which shows their compliance with Fair Trade, Green and Ethical Business Standards.