Handcrafted 10" Organic Waldorf Style Doll:Pink Jayla Ethnic Baby

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Waldorf dolls have always been “green” or environmentally friendly as they are typically made with organic and natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Our dolls are handcrafted and stuffed with organic Egyptian cotton. Waldorf dolls have soft bodies made from natural fibers and comforting to hold unlike a rigid hard plastic doll. Our dolls are somewhat overstuffed with organic cotton, and is huggable which can be nourishing to your child’s senses and comforting. The facial features are very simple, usually embroidered eyes and a hint of the mouth – the rest is left up to your child’s imagination. This beautiful hand-crafted doll is organic inside and out. Made and stuffed with 100% pure and soft organic Egyptian cotton. Baby Jayla is pretty in pink and features stuffed hands and feet for little hands to hold. She is also stuffed with all organic cotton making it a safe teething toy! Dolls are third party certified non-toxic and child-safe meeting both US and European Safety Standards. She stands 10” tall and is GOTS certified! Safe metal-free dyes are used and this item does NOT contain BPA, phthalates, lead, PVC, formaldehyde glue, or toxic paints or dyes. Washing instructions Doll: Spot clean only with a mild detergent. Do not immerse in water.