Keep Pets Safe During the Holidays

2018-11-21 Keep Pets Safe -

Keep Pets Safe During the Holidays

It is Thanksgiving Eve and I am just now getting around to this post, such a busy time of year for everyone.  I wanted to post about emergency preparedness with the extreme weather we are experiencing all over the country, and particularly after the massive and devastating fire in Paradise, just down the road from us.  It is on my list of things to do after the holidays.

More activity in the house may be fun for some, and frightening for others - if you are hosting, please be sure your cats and dogs have a place they can go to rest and feel safe.  It is also a good idea to let folks know there are pets and to be careful while opening doors, if a kitty or pup makes a mad dash, do they have tags or a chip? 

We also tend to overindulge, well - I do!  I usually regret it after the holidays are over, but our pets don't have much choice if the humans in their lives decide to over treat them.  If you do ... and I know I do, it is best to stick with cat and dog treats to be sure they aren't getting something that could cause an upset tummy or worse.  There are lots of common foods that are good for us, but poisonous to pets.  Christmas plants can also be a hazard and you may want to forego certain plants or keep them well out of reach.  I know, they are so pretty - better to be safe than sorry though!

Take care with holiday decorations around pets too, we know kitties like to climb trees, and certain dogs can take out half the tree with a happy wag of the tail.  Tinsel can be hazardous to pets, and who needs emergency room visits at this time of year?  Ribbon can cause the same kinds of problems, and of course lighted candles are pretty and hopefully kept well away from small children and animals.  If you have  a live tree, the water can become stagnant and some people treat it, either way if one of your critters uses it for a drinking fountain, tummy troubles may ensue. 

Since it is almost time to get ready for the big day tomorrow, I will leave some great links with expert advice.  Please enjoy your holiday and enjoy your loved ones, whether they have 2 legs or 4.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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