Keepsake Quality Handknit Wool Christmas Stockings Stripes

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Wow! These large, beautiful Christmas stockings can be filled with lots of beautiful fair trade gifts for your loved ones - or simply use as a decoration. These Christmas Stockings have been best sellers for years, our customers love them and come back for more.  A true favorite!  Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal. Approx. 8" x 20" Please note: Striped stockings are slightly larger than the mountain scene stockings and the tree stockings tend to be the smallest. Since each stocking is handmade there may be lots of variation in size and no two are exactly alike. Also note that the knitters use the available yarn so there may be variations in color from the photos as well, these are Fair Trade and all are beautiful, but they are hand crafted items (not mass produced on a machine or with slave labor) so just remember they are beautiful, but may not be uniform!

We also have Mountain Scene Christmas stockings, Christmas Tree Stockings and Snowman Stockings - they can all be mixed and matched! One stocking per order.

These beautiful Fair Trade Stockings are created by Shelter Knits: This item was created by women in Nepal who have been victims of trafficking, domestic violence and civil war.  With the purchase of this item, you empower them to be self sufficient & independent.  Thank you for your support!


Here are just a few of the reviews we have gotten over the years, all our stocking reviews have been 5 star reviews, our customers absolutely love these and we think you will too!

5 stars Best Christmas Stockings Ever  December 4, 2017
Red Stripe Verified Purchase
It took me years to figure out that stretchy, knit stockings like these are much, MUCH better than any other kind for use as Christmas stockings. Why? Because they stretch and expand to fit whatever you put inside. (Okay, you can't fit a car, or even a computer tablet (probably), but you get the idea.) I first bought one of these a couple of years ago, and it has made my Christmas Eve go a lot more smoothly ever since. So I've just bought two more (the Blue Stripe and the Red Stripe). Bear in mind that because these are handmade products, there is a size variation between one and another. My kids have learned that they get exactly the same contents no matter what the size is, so it doesn't bother them.

5 stars Charming, colorful, one of a kind option for many years to come!
December 10, 2014   Red Stripe Verified Purchase
If I could have posted 10 stars, I would have! The hands making these wonderful, original, hand knitted Christmas Stockings, 100% wool, are so beautifully made, so colorful and as noted, the striped one I ordered is very roomy: about 20" total length, including the curve at the heel, and the added "tail" makes it even more festive. The total width around the entire upper section of stocking is about 14". This is heavy, beautiful, durable wool.

I immediately wrapped it in tissue and put it on the bottom of his old stocking, so he opens up one more gift. I can't wait to buy more. PLENTY of room in them. I think I could fit a half gallon of chocolate milk for Santa in this first one.

Support Fair Trade. Anything I buy from them is original, well made, and either cute, fun, and/or practical and always an original.

5 stars OVER THE TOP CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS! December 19, 2014C
Purple Stripe
  Verified Purchase
Re-defines Christmas stockings!!!I bought 2 of these handsome stockings and couldn't be happier. They ARE hand-knitted and look beautiful. People have commented, "Oh you can knit also???" They are large and vibrantly-colored. With the different colors /stripes/etc some of the knitting looks 3-dimensional. Got great customer service from the seller who called me twice to clarify my order.

5 stars Love these stockings December 22, 2013
Purple Stripe
Verified Purchase
These stockings are terrific! I love the homey, handmade look of them. Don't expect any of the striped stockings to be the same size. That's part of their handmade charm. I got three color combinations, and all three vary in size quite a bit. All, however, are suitably sized to hold gifts and treats.