Keepsake Quality Handknit Wool Christmas Stockings Mountain Scene

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Wow! These large, beautiful Christmas stockings can be filled with lots of beautiful fair trade gifts for your loved ones - or simply use as a decoration. These Christmas Stockings have been best sellers for years, our customers love them and come back for more.  A true favorite!  Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal. Approx. 8" x 20" Please note: Striped stockings are slightly larger than the mountain scene stockings and the tree stockings tend to be the smallest. Since each stocking is handmade there may be lots of variation in size and no two are exactly alike. Also note that the knitters use the available yarn so there may be variations in color from the photos as well, these are Fair Trade and all are beautiful, but they are hand crafted items (not mass produced on a machine or with slave labor) so just remember they are beautiful, but may not be uniform!

We also have Striped Christmas stockings, Christmas Tree Stockings and Snowman Stockings - they can all be mixed and matched! One stocking per order.

These beautiful Fair Trade Stockings are created by Shelter Knits: This item was created by women in Nepal who have been victims of trafficking, domestic violence and civil war.  With the purchase of this item, you empower them to be self sufficient & independent.  Thank you for your support!



Here are just a few of the reviews we have gotten over the years, all our stocking reviews have been 5 star reviews, our customers absolutely love these and we think you will too!

5 stars Different Colors Year to Year  January 4, 2018
Purple Mountain Scene Verified Purchase
Beautiful stockings! Great size and very well made. I ordered a few more this year for my growing family and discovered that the colors are slightly different from year to year which is to be expected from year to year. The red stockings are the same bright red but have minor accent changes. However the purple stocking is very different. I still love the stockings and just ordered another matching purple but wanted to make those considering a reorder to consider ordering different colors and do not expect to match old with new.

5 stars Stocking up on Stockings   December 12, 2013
Red Mountain Scene Verified Purchase

I got the red mountain scene, and really like it! We all thought the craftsmanship is very good, and has a nicely crafted handmade look to it. Definitely not your run of the mill big box store type decoration. Looks great hanging up!

5 stars  Great stockings! Especially for the price   January 8, 2015
Red Mountain Scene Verified Purchase

Great stockings! Especially for the price! They are roomy, stretchy, and perfect. I love them and am glad I bought 4!

5 stars You’ll never know what Santa brings, if you don’t hang a stocking!
Green Mountain Scene Verified Purchase
It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year! Do You think like I do, wanting Christmas to be magical? If so, you will understand my delight with our new handmade stockings. I collect everything Christmas, antique to modern. Our new stocking look as if knitted in the 1800s from Great Grandfather's sheep's wool. No kidding, the fair trade Ladies in
Nepal truly know how to create the stockings to look as if made a 100 years ago. The are thick and soft. Huge compared to most Christmas stockings. They will last forever and become family heirlooms. Ours are still hanging. We cannot seem to take them down.
The stocking looked great on line. I thought well, nothing to lose, even if just ok, we help the artists in Nepal. To my complete joy, the stocking are incredible. Merry Christmas.