Keepsake Quality Handknit Wool Christmas Stockings Snowman

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These Snowman Stockings are new this year, but made by the same Fair Trade artisans as our other Christmas stockings.  High quality workmanship, keepsake quality Christmas stockings feature rich colors - mainly red and green, with a cute snowman adorning the center.  Super cute! ***Choose Red or Green, one stocking per order.

Wow! These large, beautiful Christmas stockings can be filled with lots of beautiful fair trade gifts for your loved ones - or simply use as a decoration. These Christmas Stockings have been best sellers for years, our customers love them and come back for more.  A true favorite!  Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal. Approx. 8" x 20" Please note: Striped stockings are slightly larger than the mountain scene stockings and the tree stockings tend to be the smallest. Since each stocking is handmade there may be lots of variation in size and no two are exactly alike. Also note that the knitters use the available yarn so there may be variations in color from the photos as well, these are Fair Trade and all are beautiful, but they are hand crafted items (not mass produced on a machine or with slave labor) so just remember they are beautiful, but may not be uniform!

We also have Striped Christmas stockings, Mountain Scene Stockings and Christmas Tree Stockings - they can all be mixed and matched! One stocking per order - additional photos to show size and adorableness... is that a word? 

These beautiful Fair Trade Stockings are created by Shelter Knits: This item was created by women in Nepal who have been victims of trafficking, domestic violence and civil war.  With the purchase of this item, you empower them to be self sufficient & independent.  Thank you for your support!



Here are just a few of the reviews we have gotten over the years, all our stocking reviews have been 5 star reviews, our customers absolutely love these and we think you will too!

Absolutely amazing Christmas stockings from Nepal!!!
Christmas morning stockings and stuffings have been a big part of our Christmas since my daughter was born 26 years ago. Two of our stockings were falling apart it was time to retire the older stockings and find some very special new/different ones. I started looking online and in stores (Ebay, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie) about two years ago for just the right stockings at a price I can afford. While searching for wool Christmas stockings on Amazon these amazing stocking came up! I was able to order four with the same design but different deep jewel colors! They are really knock out stockings!! I am so impressed with the quality, the SIZE, and color. PLUS, your purchase supports women in Nepal!! You will not be disappointed!!

Look Homemade
These are my third and fourth stockings from Taraluna. I've been getting them for my grandchildren as they come along!
I love the homemade look to them and the interesting combination of colors.

These Christmas stockings are amazing!
These Christmas stockings are amazing! I bought one for my daughter's first Christmas, and even though this product doesn't have expedited shipping options, it got to my house in about three days. The detail is exquisite, and actually looks even better in person--in fact it looked so good my boyfriend and I each ordered our own. These stockings are definitely a steal for the price.

Great quality and workmanship.
This will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.