Heirloom Quality Chenille Sherpa BearCat - USA

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Adorable plush stuffed animal, but what is it, a bear or a cat?  BearCat!  This cute stuffed animal is sewn from super soft cotton chenille, huggable and lovable and handcrafted in the USA!  His face is organic cotton soft sherpa, that is simply embroidered with cotton embroidery thread.  He is stuffed with pure sheep's wool , making him warm to the touch. Wool takes on the scents of home, which makes Woolies a true lovey.

Woolies creates toys from all natural fibers and fabrics. Safe for your child, and the environment.  Plump and cuddly, the perfect friend for your little one.   Babies love Woolies faces; toddlers love to play with their Woolies friends.
Appropriate for kids of all ages!

BearCat is about 10" tall.  Fully handwashable.  One per order.

Woolies Laundering Instructions: Hand wash only. All Woolies are stuffed with natural lambs wool, DO NOT machine wash. If woolies are machine washed the wool will turn to felt which will make your toy lumpy and bumpy instead of soft and snuggly.  Spot clean as needed or you can give your new friend a bath in the sink – they like cool water and a bit of gentle soap. Swish around, rinse well, squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry.



Taraluna is pleased to offer beautifully handcrafted toys that are made by the designer and artist – right here in the USA using all natural fibers such as wool, and organic materials. We know they are more expensive than the mass produced plastic toys you can find just about anywhere – but we don’t want to sell items that are bad for the workers, bad for children and bad for the planet. We feel that these lovely handcrafted, heirloom quality, natural items are well worth the price. We don't sell chemically infused, mass produced or sweatshop labor products. Taraluna is a small, woman owned/family run business and although we cannot compete with mega-corporations, we can offer unique products that our customers will feel good about purchasing and giving as gifts. Taraluna supports small, woman owned businesses and found a wonderful toy maker that we know you will love! This beautiful toy is handcrafted with love in the USA!


We will let Sara tell you all about it! “Woolies combine my passion for knitting and my love of animals. Woolies create all natural artisan stuffed animals and toys. I'm inspired by all the animals (11 currently) on our little ranch - many of them are rescues. I remember the magic of childhood, and hope my Woolies provide comfort and joy to their families. Heirloom quality toys are made to last. Leaving a soft footprint on our world. ” Woolies creates toys from all natural fibers and fabrics. Safe for your child and safe for the environment.