Hemp & Recycled Rubber Tire Water Bottle / Cell Bag Cross Body

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Water bottle and cell phone carrier is perfect for summer hikes, camping or anytime you would like your water bottle handy!  The bag is made out of hemp and has a pocket for cell phone. Bag is lined with cotton fabric. The strap is an adjustable nylon and it is long enough to fit across your body or carry over one shoulder.  The bottom is made from recycled rubber tires - my bottle stands up when I set it down with no need to remove the bottle.  It looks great and is made to last.  **The black rubber can get very hot if left in the sun, be safe and keep out of sunny locations - don't touch if hot.

Size: 9" x 3.5". Adjustable strap: 48"


Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal

From Our Fair Trade Partner, Ganesh Himal Trading:

Hemp: In the mountain villages of Nepal hemp has been used for centuries because of its strength and durability. Indigenous to Nepal, hemp requires little cultivation or mechanical processing and quickly regenerates after cutting.  It is the ultimate environmentally friendly Nepali product.

Ganesh Himal Trading works with a producer group in
Nepal that is committed to developing environmentally friendly products using this indigenous hemp and that is committed to implementing fair trade principles in their business.

The workers involved in creating these fine products receive a fair wage, full medical coverage, bonuses and pension benefits, housing loans and paid leave for their work. Ganesh Himal Trading hemp products you keep traditional hemp weaving alive in the villages, help support environmentally friendly products in
Nepal and support workers who receive the benefits of fair trade. 

Recycled Rubber Tires: The common disposal method of tires in Nepal is burning them. In response to black billowing clouds of smoke, one of Ganesh Himal Trading’s producer groups offered to purchase numerous tires in hopes of improving air quality. From these tires came the first of Ganesh Himal Trading’s tire bags! The bags have become so popular that the gentleman responsible for burning the tires now has a full-time job searching the Kathmandu valley for more tires. Unlike scrap rubber from factories, our rubber has seen many miles of Nepali road making each one entirely unique! This is sourcing raw materials at its finest!

Ganesh Himal Trading’s recycled rubber tire bags are now hand stitched by paraplegics who have suffered spinal injury and are being rehabilitated at the SIRC hospital in Banepa, Nepal.