Tinya Double Drum Medium 8" Heads w/stick

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Two drums for the price of one! The traditional construction pulls one hide against the other. A ring made from a small tree branch fits snuggly over the drum frame made of plywood. Not long ago the frame was made from Eucalyptus bark. 8" heads x 2" frame with stick. Please Note: Frame and goat skin colors may vary, drums currently in stock are natural colored wood.

How to play: The frame drum can be played while marching. Hold the drum from loose hide loop. Strike the drum with the stick – not TOO hard. This is a real drum head. Another neat way to play uses a pressed thumb or finger on one side of the drum to ‘choke’ the sound. Lifting and pressing the hide creates distinctly different sounds. Little drummers can play this drum by sitting on the ground.


Fair Trade Artisans: Peru. The first drumming we hear is the “Mother Beat” a beat that all creatures share! So it comes as no surprise that drums are found everywhere in the world, with names as lovely as the places they are from: Conga, Tom-tom, djembe, just to name a few. Your drum has traveled great distances to reach you from Peru. Notice the double-headed style. That means you get two drums for the price of one. Goat skin was stretched over a wooden bark-like frame and pulled tight while the skin was still wet. As it dried, it pulled together. ‘Tinya’ drums come in many sizes, we offer 2 small drums – 6” and 8” for you to choose. Because these skins are authentic goat hides, the skin will react to weather conditions. When it is warm the skin will stretch tight, and when it is cold or wet the skin will relax and sound lower in pitch. Keep the drum dry and out of direct sun light.