Capiz Shell Wind Chime Medium - Saffron Spice

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Spice up your life with this pretty Fair Trade capiz shell wind chime in orange, yellow and white.  The shells are round and square, some have holes cut through the middle to add some extra spice.  Pretty tinkling sound and lovely colors will brighten your mood.  Perfect for porch, garden or hang in an indoor window or corner.  Great gift!

Dimensions: 7.5″ Diameter x 19.5″ Long



Bring the natural beauty of Bali into your home with capiz chimes. Made from oyster shells, they’re a great way for local artisans in Bali, Indonesia to use the whole oyster and shell to create something beautiful out of something that would have been discarded.

They make a relaxing tinkling sound as the breeze blows them around. You can hang them indoors or outside on your porch or favorite tree. Prolonged direct sunlight may bleach the color over time, so aim for somewhere a little shady!

 Capiz shells are also known as the windowpane oyster.  The oysters are edible, but valued more for the shells. The shells have been used for thousands of years as a glass substitute because of their durability and translucence and are made into a number of decorative items, including wind chimes!