Felt Tooth Fairy Dolls with Pocket

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What to do when your child loses a tooth?  The Tooth Fairy of course!  Hand felted tooth fairy comes in different styles, hair colors and skin tones. We even offer fairies with simple designs much like that of Waldorf style dolls: the "Your Face" dolls let your child imagine their own, excited face.  There is a pocket on the back for the lost tooth, and once removed money can be inserted if that is your tradition.  Maybe even a note from the Tooth Fairy about brushing teeth?  This cute Fairy can double as a doll or toy!  Great gift idea, Handmade and Fair Trade!  White and Brown dolls available!  One per order.

Dolls are handcrafted and all are different - wing span is approx. 5" across, top of head to bottom of dress on fairies with facial features is approx. 4.5", full height including legs can measure 7"-8.5".  My Face Fairies measure approx. 9.5" from top of hat to feet.  These dolls are adorable anytime, not just during Tooth Fairy Season!