Hand Carved Soapstone Tinga Tinga Trivet set of 3

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Take a walk on the wild side. Natural hand-carved Soapstone trivets are sanded to a smooth finish, each etched and stained with a popular African animal in the Tinga-Tinga painting style, first developed in Tanzania in the 1960s. Includes zebra, elephant, giraffe. Each: 1/4"h x 7"dia. Hand Made and Fair Trade. See our matching Tinga Tinga Coasters!


Fair Trade Artisans: Kenya: Nyabigena Soapstone Carvers. Kisii, a city in western Kenya, is surrounded by soapstone quarries and is well-known both for the quality of its soapstone and the skill of its carvers. Nyamarambe, a rural village near Kisii, is the home of the 150-member Nyabigena Soapstone Carvers Cooperative. This civic-minded group provides work for its members while also giving back to its community. A source of great pride for the cooperative is the Nyabigena Mixed Day Academy, an elementary school which has been serving disadvantaged children since 2007. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of soapstone crafts goes directly to supporting the school.