Handcrafted Cotton Napkins - Set of 6

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  • These beautiful cotton napkins are handcrafted in small batches, they are not mass produced in a factory. Using fabric napkins helps conserve natural resources - save a tree with these lovely linens.  Cloth napkins can be used again and again and look great on your table.

  • Our colors are as follows: Tan which has accents with dark brown, Blue fine weave, and Blue heavy weave (this napkins tends to run smaller) as does the Grey, Grey-Green, Teal, Dark Chocolate, Purple, Sea Green, and Desert Tan.
  • Fair Trade allows artisans a fair wage to support their families. Dhukuti Women's Project, Nepal. These items are made in small batches by hand and not mass produced in a factory setting with color control, each batch may vary slightly but every set of 6 napkins will be the same color batch.  If you are buying more than one set, we will be sure they match. They are all lovely and handcrafted with love! Some of the napkins are all one color, others use more than one color thread woven to create one solid color, you may see tones of the combined colors. Pretty.
  • Set of 6 napkins, approximate size 15" x 15" to 15"-18" may vary slightly if buying different colors.  Each batch of napkins is consistent. Machine wash and dry.