Heirloom Quality Handcrafted Bunny Rabbit – Made in the USA

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These beautiful Bunnies are just adorable and each has a personality and style all it’s own. Our Bunnies are hand knit from 100% natural wool yarn, and have all natural wool fleece stuffing. Peter Rabbit looks dashing in his jacket, Miss Bunny has a lovely knit dress, and Henrietta loves to play dress up in her overalls and princess crown! This is truly an heirloom quality bunny and will be a part of your family for generations. Please launder gently - bunnies like to take little baths in the sink - just swish with gentle soap, rinse well, squeeze out excess water and air dry. Bunny and clothing color may vary based on availability. Bunnies are about 12" tall, 14" with ears. Miss Bunny is a bit smaller, about 11" and 13" with ears. Individually handcrafted with love by the artist in the USA. Woolies Laundering Instructions: Hand wash only. All Woolies are stuffed with natural lambs wool, DO NOT machine wash. If woolies are machine washed the wool will turn to felt which will make your toy lumpy and bumpy instead of soft and snuggly. Spot clean as needed or you can give your new friend a bath in the sink – they like cool water and a bit of gentle soap. Swish around, rinse well, squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry. Please remove wooden tag if giving to a child under 3 years old. Potential Choking hazard.