Rattan Crossbody Bag

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Did somebody say summer?  This bag screams summer - beach, festivals, back yard BBQ's... super cute!  Woven from natural rattan and ata grass from local sources, this unique crossbody bag is perfect for a day out. Cotton batik lining, colors and patterns may vary.

48"l leather strap and closure. Antique brass hardware.

Dimensions: 8"dia x 3"d.  Please note: this bag doesn't open all the way, the cotton lining only allows it to open partially so your items can't fall out. 

Handcrafted and Fair Trade!


Fair Trade Artisans: Indonesia: Mitra Bali Foundation. A non-governmental, non-profit organization, the Mitra Bali Foundation acts as a market and export facilitator for small craft producers. These small producers represent the diverse Balinese culture that attracts tourism to the area, but because they live in more remote areas and work on a small scale, haven't benefited by the economic influx of the tourism industry. To counter the marginalization of these producers, Mitra Bali works with around 36 producer groups employing over 800 men and women to help them in marketing their products and improve their working conditions. In addition to marketing assistance, Mitra Bali also has a Design Center where producers can access resources, work with designers, and get regular training on new trends, technical aspects of production and health and safety, as well as the use of environmentally sustainable resources within the production process. As a fair trade organization, Mitra Bali's work with artisans is based on principles of benefit, equity and respect.