Recycled Rubber Tire Passport Bag

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Fun Fair Trade recycled rubber inner tube purse for those days you want a smaller bag.  Bag features: Magnetic snap closure, inner zip pocket with main compartment divider and cellphone pocket. Long adjustable shoulder strap.

Rectangular rubber tire purse w/flap, 2″ deep x 8″ wide x 10″ tall.

Fair Trade and Hand Made.  These items are created from actual tires that have driven on roads... recycled and made into something beautiful and functional. 

Please note: due to the handmade and recycled nature of the product there may be slight variations and imperfections, just part of the beauty of the product.



Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal

Recycled Tire Production

The common disposal method of tires in Nepal is burning them. In response to black billowing clouds of smoke, one of Ganesh Himal Trading’s producer groups offered to purchase numerous tires in hopes of improving air quality. From these tires came the first of Ganesh Himal Trading’s tire bags which today has developed into over 40 products! The bags have become SO popular that the gentleman responsible for burning the tires now has a full-time job searching the Kathmandu valley for MORE tires. Unlike scrap rubber from factories, our rubber has seen many miles of Nepali road making each one entirely unique! This is sourcing raw materials at its finest!

Recycled Tire Artisan Group

Ganesh Himal Trading’s recycled rubber tire bags are now hand stitched by paraplegics who have suffered spinal injury and are being rehabilitated at the SIRC hospital in Banepa, Nepal.  In February of 2014, Ganesh Himal Trading’s producer partner, Sadle Traders, was asked by the project manager of SIRC to train 5 of their patients to sew these bags so that they could create a livelihood for themselves and their families.  This money helps them to be self-sufficient and gain skills for their future.  Each brass buckle is hand made by Sundar Lama, a spinal injury victim trained by the Sadle Traders sister company Asal-General Udyog.  Sadle Traders is happy to be a part of this team to rehabilitate spinal injury victims and Ganesh Himal Trading is proud to stand beside them and purchase their products. We all appreciate your purchase of these recycled rubber tire bags and your support of this endeavor.