Recycled Rubber Tire Zippered Wallet

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Want to feel more secure? Zip up your cash and cards with this simple, but extremely durable and rugged wallet made from reclaimed inner tubes. Great wallet, there are 6 card pockets, 3 on each side - you can also stash cards or cash or receipts under those with 2 more pockets under the card pockets. The wallet section had a divider so you can put cash on one side and receipts or whatever you choose on the other. It all zips up nice and neat so you don't have to worry about losing anything important. There is no special coin area but since it all zips up you can add coins in the wallet as well and they will stay put. Genius! Plus, to make it all even better these wallets are Fair Trade, Recycled and just plain good! Please note that the logo comes in 2 colors (red or green) and is made of leather.  One per order.