Tiny Winter Knits Christmas Ornaments - Set of 3

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These cute, miniature versions of warm winter knits will brighten up your holiday tree.  Set includes stocking, mitten and sweater. Also makes a cute gift topper if you add a small treat or $ inside! Set of three. Colors and patterns will vary. Contains recycled elements. Dimensions; each is approx. 3 1/2 - 4"h.



Fair Trade Artisans: Nepal: Kumbeshwar Technical School:In Nepal, a stratified caste-based Hindu society, social contact between people of different castes is the exception rather than the rule. In response to the poverty and class discrimination he saw in his neighborhood, the founder of Kumbeshwar Technical School built an orphanage, a primary school, and a technical school used to train future carpet weavers, knitters, and carpenters.