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2018-09-17 Why Use Biodiesel -

Biodiesel is environmentally friendly because it has lower emissions than petrol diesel, it is plant based, made from renewable resources and is produced domestically.  It’s less toxic than table salt and is as biodegradable as sugar.  It can be made from soy or canola oil and can be recycled from fryer grease (when you drive in a bus or car that uses it…it smells like French fries!)

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2018-09-16 No Boys Allowed! -

Go forth and find some adventure with a group of like minded women, there is so much to do and having a group of wonderful women to share it with can be powerful, meaningful and rejuvenating.

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2018-09-02 Welcome Blog -

Welcome to Taraluna's new blog - Ethically Ever After!  Living your values shouldn't be a chore, it should be fun.  Taraluna is an ethical shopping site so we assume if you found your way here you are already thinking about social responsibility and environmental sustainability.  But it seems we are all so busy these days, we work too hard, play too little and get caught up in the mundane,  and we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.  I know this is true for me, so I hope to bring fun and interesting tips and tricks to remind us all to live our lives a little more fully and joyfully.

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